The Scottish Football Alliance

 We are a growing group of  fans who have come to realise that Scottish football is incapable of making the changes needed from within.

Fans from all walks of life, from players to chairmen, politicians to journalists, referees to academics, male and female, we care deeply about our game and its future. Fans will never agree on everything. But we all want the best for Scottish football. Now and into the future.
We need your help.

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Why Scottish Football Needs The Scottish Football Alliance

Our game is dominated by individual club self-interest. Governance protects the status quo. The common good is often the casualty. 

The Scottish Football Alliance is committed to working together to improve our game at all levels. 

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Scottish Football Alliance
Scottish Football Alliance

Our Starting Point

The Alliance is having conversations with groups of people who care about our game. Many are household names with intimate knowledge of Scottish football.

The conversations aim to build an agenda for change.  We are drawing on peoples’ rich experience and understanding of the game. We want to find a better way forward. We aim to identify the key changes needed.

There is much in our game that is positive. Our collective passion is one. The Scottish Football Alliance calls on everyone who cares about our game. Including the current footballing authorities. Please engage with us. Let’s build on what is strong about Scottish football. Let us make it better.

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What We Hope To Achieve

The first thing is for your support and input. Be part of the Scottish Football Alliance. We ask for your ideas. How can we make our game better?

Real change will needs our 42 member clubs to work together. Re-balancing club self-interest with the common good is a necessary start. But there is a lot more on top of that. 

Our conversations with fans up and down the country are bearing fruit. Producing ideas on how the game can move forward. The conversations are generating recommendations to help revive our game. Something that a proud and passionate footballing nation deserves. 

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“Football management these days is like nuclear war. No winners, just survivors.”

Tommy Docherty