SFA Supporters

The Scottish Football Alliance has a wide range of participants from across the game. All are willing to give up their time to work on changing Scottish football for the better. We do not all agree about everything. But we agree that we want to see football change for the better.

Below will give you an idea of who is already involved in the Scottish Football Alliance. If you would like to get involved and have experience in any of these areas, please get in touch.


The Alliance has support from a number of former Scotland International players. They amassed over 150 caps between them.


We have a wide range of current and former coaches, each with experience across the game. With intricate knowledge from grassroots to the international level, this allows an understanding of each stage of progression within the game.

Football Admin/ Club Directors

The Alliance is supported by contributors who have had experience from within the game. From former club Chairman and Directors. Others who have worked within the football authorities themselves. These contributors offer inside knowledge and expertise. They have first-hand experience with governance issues.


There is cross-party support in the Scottish Football Alliance. Politicians from Holyrood and Westminster support our objectives. They help bring the issues of Scottish football to the forefront. They help communicate with government and press for change.


Fans from all backgrounds  contribute to the Alliance. Every fan’s voice is important. A wide range of fans from across the country are now involved with the Alliance. They bring the customers voice. We all want what is best for the game. Through discussion, we believe consensus can be found.

Woman’s Football

The woman’s game is vital to the success of Scottish football. It plays a crucial role within our society. From grassroots to the professional game. Girls must be supported and represented. Scotland has an opportunity to develop a women’s game that is a model for girls across the globe. Change is needed to get there. The Alliance has representatives who are working on behalf of the women’s game. Working to drive positive change.


The Alliance is supported by academics who have researched Scottish football. They offer their expertise to help further develop proposals and provide valuable analytical support.

Match Officials

It is important for all areas of the game to be represented. So we have representation from match officials who offer an alternative experience to the everyday fan. As we know, they face their own challenges. But our game needs them.