Our Proposal

For the game. By the game. For the common good

Scottish Football is loved. Often for very personal reasons. Football is at the heart of our local communities. Regardless of size or historic success, all teams matter. From grassroots football to the two Glasgow giants. And everything in between. Scottish football is part of our culture. It’s our history. Integral to our society today. And part of our future. It truly is more than just a game.

But those who currently run our game are failing us all.  Football governance is Victorian. Out-of-date. Not fit for purpose. A governance that fails to listen to its most important stakeholders. The fans. The powers seem incapable of implementing change. Even if they wanted to. 

Our voting structure where two clubs can veto the other 40 is the self-interest tail wagging the common good dog.

Without outside help our game is stuck. 

Why does Scottish football need the Scottish Football Alliance?

Football in Scotland needs to plot a new path in a very different world. We can’t turn the clock back. But we can have a dream. A vision for the game. And ambition to reach for that dream.

No matter what, we fans still love our clubs. They need our help now more than ever before.

The Summer of 2020 was embarrassing. It highlighted many issues. Poor decision making. Petty politics. The failings of the voting structure. Problems were on display for all to see.

A change of direction is needed now. Otherwise it will just be more of the same-old.

England faces similar issues. There too,governance is not fit for purpose. A new, high profile group Our Beautiful Game have said the game is in crisis and the time to act is now. They have called for an independent regulator to oversee the peoples game (see ourbeautifulgame.co.uk). There is a promise of an external review of the game. This comes from the Conservative government with cross party support. Much good work has already been done by our sister organisation in England, the Football Supporters Association (FSA).

Having observed this work, the Board of the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) have established the Scottish Football Alliance. The Alliance provides an independent platform for everyone who cares about our game to have a say.

How it will operate:

The Alliance plans to work with everyone in Scottish football and those who love the game.

The Alliance has set up a series of conversations for change with people who have strong connections with Scottish football. These conversations are ongoing.

We also want to hear from every fan cares about our game. This website enables you to have your say:

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Your feedback will help build consensus on what needs to be done. It will inform a strategy and plan for reviving our game.

What we aim to achieve:

Scottish football needs a blueprint for change.

In the short term we will produce a series of recommendations under the auspices of SFSA’s own Henry McLeish and Dr Andy McArthur.

Based on input and expertise from the Alliance contributors, we will be making proposals based on a shared vision our game. We will call for ambitious change. Change from top to bottom. And vice versa. 

We want to build on the many positives. Nurture what is good and strong. The goal is successful and sustainable future for our national game.

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